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Siegestorm is a two-player collectible card game of unending... Hey! Don’t make us repeat what’s already on the homepage
The first edition of our game contains two ready-to-play faction decks. Single deck packs and random card boosters are coming later.
On a scale from zero to infinity, they’ll certainly be worth something. And while we wouldn’t count on anything close to the Magic’s Power 9, the first edition is a bit experimental and may contain some cards that won’t be printed any more.
To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!


Sign up yourself! Preferably with some friends. It will take some time for the Gamefinder to populate, but early birds can earn interestng rewards.
Make a Diplomacy roll. After all, the game is better when everyone plays fair. However if that fails, be sure to leave a comment in the game lobby, describing what had happened. Repeated offenders will be warned and banned.
There’s no reward greater than the eternal glory! But we have some other plans too...
Registering gives players access to our online matchfinder and rankings, created to foster an active Siegestorm player base. We aim to reduce the number of inactive, fake or duplicate accounts, to make our matchfinder as useful as possible. That's why creating a new Siegestorm account requires an activation code that can be found on a separate card in all Siegestorm boxes.


Yes! Go to our Stormpedia page, and click a chosen faction to see all available units.
Sure, though this mode might not be balanced as well as two-faction matches.
Make sure you read the „Game Tips” section of the Siegestorm Manual. Browse all cards. Find your own combos hard counters.
Drop us a line at: siegestorm.judge@awakenrealms.com, and we will publish an official card ruling in this FAQ.