Siegestorm offers a unique blend of gamplay. It’s fast and brutal, but at the same time very strategic. What kind of vile sorcery made this possible? Though basic rules are simple, all cards can be used in several different ways, enabling many tactical approaches and exciting last-minute reversals.

By default, the game is played with two constructed decks of 34 cards each, with a pre-constructed Starter available to guide you through your first few games.


Siegestorm starts with two iconic factions, each consisting of 56 cards that can be used to build many types of decks, unbalanced and overpowered in many diefferent ways. Additional units and factions will join the fray soon!


The radiant army of Seraphia is full of pompous Elves and boring do-gooders. They specialize in arts of protection, healing, and control – often outlasting their enemy. And if that fails, they can always hope for one of their overpowered angels to swoop in and slaughter the opponent or even grant you an additional turn.

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The legion of destruction from the dark realm of Styxia is a perfect place for anyone who enjoys the salty taste of enemy tears. This faction employs many abilities that force the opponent to discard or wreak havoc on his battle lines. And since Styxian minions are expandable, you get many, many opportunities to sacrifice them for greater evil.

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If you’re a strange person who enjoys reading manuals before trying the game, you can find our Siegestorm guide here. Some additional rules and clarifications can be found in our FAQ.


We're supporting Siegestorm with a simple gamefinder that can help you find matches in your area. Sing up, play, and report your results through our mobile-friendly site. Claim your place in the rankings or win some real-life plunder.

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